Revolutionizing investments through tokenized crowdfunding like its never been done before.

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Platform Prototype

Create an insurance product and raise capital.
Browse insurance syndicates and invest.

Rainy Day

Black Insurance has a new prototype platform of 'parametric insurance' using blockchains and smart contracts and giving away free insurance policies. These are "Rainy Day" insurance policies where you pick a city and if it rains (10mm/24hs) we will airdrop you 1 BLCK token.

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54 Brokers signed up
$325M Business on platform
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Strategic Insurance Partners

  • Premfina
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Black is Going to Disrupt the Insurance Industry

Black Insurance, a digital insurance company on blockchain, is opening historically centralized insurance market for crowdfunding.

Crowdfunded capital gives all investors first-of-a-kind investment opportunities to invest in stable insurance portfolios with long-term financial profits that so far have been shared among insurance companies and re-insurers. The Blockchain integration and tokenized process allows us distribute securities completely new way.

Black is Going to Disrupt the Insurance Industry

Black Insurance will use two types of tokens

Black Platform Token (BLCK). BLCK powers the infrastructure, providing access to the platform and for conducting voting on system updates to the platform (utility token). All platform users will use BLCK for managing insurance on the Black platform, and demand for BLCK will increase as more insurance business is conducted on the platform.

Black Syndicate Tokens (BST) (issued when the platform is ready). BST is an investment in insurance capital, and a specific BST is created for each syndicate (security token), The profitability of the insurance portfolio for a specific syndicate will pass-through to the holders of it’s BST.

Our Roadmap

Hard cap $45 million

Use of funds & Token distribution

If $2 mln+ raised

Use of funds and Token distribution

Use of funds and Token distribution text

If $10 mln+ raised

Use of funds and Token distribution

Use of funds and Token distribution text

ICO structure

Pre-Sale Starts
1. October 2018
Pre-Sale Period
Pre-Sale Cap
Pre-Sale Terms
First week 25% bonus and after first week 20% bonus
Token Sale Starts
1. November 2018
Token Sale Period
30 days
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
Token Symbol
Total Number of Tokens
Tokens Sold in This Sale
Exchange Rate
1BLCK = 0.2 USD
Minimum Purchase
Accepted Cryptos
BLCK tokens will be listed on crypto exchanges
Token Holder Benefits
BLCK token serves as the only payment method to pay insurance premiums and services fees on Black platform.
Token Trade Limitation
Only Team and Advisors have vesting and sales lock-in periods

Token distribution

Use of funds and Token distribution


Use of funds and Token distribution text



First week bonus


After first week bonus


Main Sales

Day 1


Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4









Our team and advisors



Risto is the founder of Black and his role is to develop the idea further including mentoring of all team members as well as finding cooperation partners for Black through his extensive network in insurance space.

Risto Rossar



Bundeep Rangar

Bundeep is an entrepreneur with more than 21 years' experience in financial services, technology and media. He has invested in, advised or incubated a number of companies in the UK, Canada and India. He holds founding CEO roles in PremFina, IXL Holdings, and SME lending.

Bundeep Rangar



Chris Williams

Chris together with team of developers is building our product. He has worked as a Senior Solution Architect at insurance companies, AIG and MetLife. While working at IBM as a Blockchain Consultant, he has built private blockchain solutions for insurance companies.

Chris Williams

CTO and Blockchain Solution Architect


Mart Parve

Mart makes sure that all operations run smoothly, so the entire team can most effectively contribute to Black's success. A life-long technology aficionado, he has managerial background in insurance technology and information security, and holds an MSc in Economics from the Catholic University of Leuven.

Mart Parve

Chief Operating Officer


Liina Laas-Billson

Liina will make sure that the vision and growth of the Black Foundation is on track. Founding Member of the Board and General Manager of the Estonian Cryptocurrency Association and also worked with many blockchain FinTech startups on marketing and sales strategies, her mission is to revolutionise insurance through blockchain tech.

Liina Laas-Billson

Business Development Officer


Martin Mägi

Martin is our hands-on product guy. Previously he has co-founded 2 startups and built more than 15 software products. He likes to design user interfaces and also write code.

Martin Mägi

Product Design


Peep Paum

Peep believes that the blockchain technology will eventually change the ways and logics how businesses operates today. He has been lucky enough to participate in various technology projects for almost ten years. Peep was one of the original co-founders startup called Indoor.Ninja and ICO campaign platform called CrowdCoinage.

Peep Paum

Product Manager


Triinu Murumäe

Triinu is a skilled marketing manager with a good eye for growth. She takes care of all our marketing activities. She has more than 10 years experience in insurance technology as a business developer and being responsible for insurance startup marketing she has very good know-how how to succeed.

Triinu Murumäe

Marketing Manager


Buu Truong

Buu is an experienced non-life actuary and a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). He is Managing Director of Insight Risk Consulting which is a firm which he founded 5 years ago. Buu and his team are advising Black on actuarial models and risks.

Buu Truong

Actuarial and Risk advice

Taavi Kotka

Awarded as Europe’s best CIO by ICT Spring and being the leader of Estonian government digitalization Taavi advises us on strategy as well as uses his extensive network to leverage Black business. Taavi is also selected as Entrepreneur of the Year in Estonia 2011 (by Ernst&Young).

Taavi Kotka

Former Estonian Government CIO

Ando Kivilaid

Ando has worked whole life in insurance and IT business and is very big blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Ando is advising us on product development and strategy.

Ando Kivilaid

Insurance geek and investor

Alex Norta

Alexander Norta is one of the leading experts in the field of smart-contract technology. He has a wide range of expertise in fields such as business-process collaboration, workflow management, e-business transactions, service-oriented computing, software architectures, software engineering, ontologies, social web, multi-agent systems, and so on. Norta has written several high-profile whitepapers and advised successful blockchain-tech startups like Qtum, Cashaa, Cedex and NEO.

Alex Norta

Scientific advisor

Kristian Garancis

Kristian has over 20 years of experience in Non-Life Reinsurance and Insurance as well as Captive Insurance. He is also very familiar with Maltese legal and insurance structure being also the resident of Malta himself. Kristian advises us on insurance and re-insurance related topics as well as helps with licensing our insurance company in Malta. He has also many connections with brokers who are interested to use Black capacity when we go live.

Kristian Garancis

Reinsurance and Malta

Stefan Beyer

Dr. Stefan Beyer is a Blockchain architect and smart contract security expert. He graduated from the University of Manchester in 2001 with a degree in Computer Science and obtained a Ph.D. in 2004 from the same university. Since then he has worked in computer science research in distributed systems, fault tolerance, ubiquitous computing, and cybersecurity. He is currently working as head of research and development for cybersecurity company in Spain. He is also a member of the European Unions Blockchain Observatory's Blockchain Policy and Framework Conditions Working Group.

Stefan Beyer

Scientific Advisor of Black

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